Sea Freight (FCL & LCL)

Sea Freight Services In Dubai ,UAE

You should work with a reliable and respectable organization when it comes to marine freight forwarding. With our knowledge, experience, contractual rate filed, and global network of partners, ORB Connect Shipping can offer you prompt and effective maritime freight forwarding services. By leaving your shipping to ORB Connect Shipping, you can count on us to give you the services and prices you want to ship your goods at the most affordable rates possible, arrive at the port of discharge that is designated for them, and negotiate further extended value added logistics under one roof.

We handle your shipping needs and freight deadlines with flexibility and strong performance standards as an international freight forwarding firm. With our extensive range of reliable, time-bound, and reasonably priced freight forwarding options, we can confidently and dependably handle your maritime freight needs. When it comes to shipping, our extensive choice of sea freight forwarding services will provide you more affordable options than other, more expensive ones. We will assist you in choosing the best means of transportation for your goods, whether it be by air, sea, land, or rail.

Sea Cargo

Why Choose Sea Freight ?

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Sea Freight Benefits

1. Cost-effective: Sea freight, both FCL and LCL, offer lower costs compared to other modes of transportation such as air freight. This makes it an attractive option for businesses looking to save on transportation expenses.

2. Versatility: Sea freight provides flexible options for shipping both large and small volumes. FCL (Full Container Load) is ideal for businesses shipping large quantities as it allows the entire container to be filled with their cargo. LCL (Less than Container Load) is perfect for smaller shipments as it consolidates multiple shippers’ cargo into one container, reducing costs.

3. Global Reach: Sea freight offers unparalleled global reach, connecting businesses to markets across continents. With a vast network of ports and shipping routes, businesses can easily trade internationally and expand their customer base.

4. Reliable and Safe: Sea freight operates on regular schedules, ensuring shipments are delivered on time. Additionally, the use of containers provides excellent protection for cargo against external factors such as weather conditions.

5. Sustainability: Sea freight is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation. It emits lower carbon dioxide compared to air freight, contributing to a greener supply chain and reducing carbon footprints.

6. Capacity for Large Cargo: FCL enables businesses to ship large, heavy, or oversized cargo that may not fit other transportation modes. This makes it a reliable choice for industries like automotive, construction, or machinery.

7. Ease of Tracking: Sea freight offers advanced tracking systems that allow businesses to monitor their shipments in real-time. This visibility helps in inventory management, planning, and ensuring smooth logistics operations.

8. Customs Clearance: Sea freight shipments typically allow ample time for customs clearance procedures, making it easier for businesses to comply with import and export regulations.

9. Warehousing Options: With sea freight, businesses have the flexibility to store their cargo in warehousing facilities near ports, reducing the need for excessive inland transportation and ensuring easy access to distribution centers.

10. Insurance Options: Sea freight offers various insurance options to protect businesses against potential risks during transportation, providing peace of mind and financial security.